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Rankraze Digital Marketing Company is a Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, serving 25+ clients since 2018. Contact us and get an integrated Digital Marketing strategy to drive your business online.

This company was initially founded by Raja with a couple of his friends with very little benefit to moving forward, Finally, he approached his college mate Tinil Joseph who was an entrepreneur with regards to his company. 

Later then tinil Joseph approached him and helped him set up a company from scratch right from optimizing Raja's website to ranking to training his colleague. Tinil Set up his idea on how to go forward which intern paid way in ranking the website on top. 

Rankraze today has emerged as one of the digital marketing company and have really picked up and competed with other big guns. 

Rankraze provides SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, web designing, web development etc. They have come a long way and to see this success.

All the best to Raja and tinil To go forward in your career. We wish you all the best in the future make the name of India proud. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Measure ROI Of Your Digital Advertising

In the world of digital marketing, Return On Investment (ROI) is the measure of profit or loss obtained after the expenditure of a specified budget on marketing campaigns.

In other words, it is the measure of success or failure in terms of percentage with respect to the amount spent. If you have a positive return on investment (ROI), it signifies that campaigns are gaining more money than what you are spending on the campaigns.

For any business, measuring Digital marketing ROI is important to progressing further or arriving at alternative working solutions.

Once you can able to identify the best-performing areas and those who don’t, you can do a deep analysis of the campaign aspects, and take required action towards improving the ROI.

Things to consider before calculating Return on Investment (ROI)

1. Business Goals

Business goals are very important before you think about business returns upon digital marketing. Your unique marketing objectives is what makes you stand out of the crowd when you market on digital media while using the best strategies.

2. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Every business is different and their special values make them leave a mark in the market and the location. So, if your business is unique, make sure to deploy in the targeted areas to automatically increase the positive KPIs while spending minimal amounts on ads.

3. Clean Data Collection

To achieve the best KPIs for your business, the complete data collection system needs to be maintained clean without any inconsistencies to avoid any miscalculations.

Inaccurate KPIs will not be useful in measuring ROI or enabling effective digital marketing methodologies for increased productivity.

4. Insight analysis

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) afford insights about the amount of website traffic, cost-per-lead (CPL), SERP rankings, and engagements on Facebook or Instagram which when taken into analysis makes way to measure the digital marketing ROI. From attracting customers to generating conversions, insight analysis is the base.

Key Performance indicators of Digital Marketing ROI

While measuring ROI, here are the key performance metrics you got to pay heed to

Visitors per month: This indicates the number of users who visited your website in one month. This data can be further classified by the sources of traffic – organic, paid, or social.

Cost Per Lead: Google AdWords automatically calculate this metric which shows the cost spent for acquiring a lead in Google Adwords.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): The amount spent to acquire customers per campaign is all about this metric. It is usually calculated by dividing your total marketing spent amount with the number of customers acquired.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The total profit made from an advertisement online and the total amount cost spent creating is indicated by this metric. The formula is (revenue/total ad spend)*100.

Average Order Value (AOV): This is the most important metric when it comes to E-commerce, B2B companies and service-based companies. It allows to find the purchase value of every customer and gives the profit upon calculating the average.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): The credibility of a company is determined by the valuable customers it has. Therefore, a customer lifetime value is precious for any business to distinguish and find the potential leads.

Lead-to-Close Ratio (LCR): This ratio is obtained by dividing the number leads with the number of leads closed for a particular period. The quality of the leads acquired and the leads successfully closed by the sales team are effectively measured in this way. Thereby you can find the projected digital marketing ROI with lead to close ratio

Branded Search Lift: This KPI allows you to make a note of those users who looked over for your particular brand on the internet. As your business begins to rise, this metric will increase simultaneously. This also indicates the brand awareness among the online audience

Average Position: This metric deals with the average search engine results in the positioning of your brand for the targeted set of keywords.

The higher your ranking, the more will be your website traffic and thereby more clicks, revenue & ROI. With the help of Google Analytics, you can differentiate the sources too.

Non-Brand CTR: Non-brand click-through-rate will offer insights into the performance of SEO strategies.

These above-mentioned metrics are important for any business to track and get hold of the Return on Investment (ROI) accurately. This, in turn, will measure the overall digital marketing ROI of your digital marketing campaigns.

Landing Page Performance Metrics Matter

In this digital era, website landing pages are crucial to bring prospective leads as people are more engaging online. Here are some important metrics to consider and track regularly for ROI measurement.

Bounce Rate

It refers to the number of site visitors who left after visiting just one page of the site. The more the time spent on a site by the user, the less will be the bounce rate.

The lower the bounce rate, the more helpful it is for your online success. Bounce rate is available on Google analytics to be viewed by the site manager.

Potential Conversions

Nowadays, in most cases, landing pages are created to direct the visitors down to the sales funnel and thereby convert them into sales and conversions.

It can be a product or a service page or a page for signing up or any other desired action for which the user visits.

Final Thoughts

Trust and authority created due to the best online visibility and engagement will lead to augmented sales and conversions. As a result, greater revenue and better ROI can be attained through digital marketing efforts.

Calculating the ROI in digital marketing is reliant on factors such as company size, business goals, audience, and industry type. Most probably, the ROI alone cannot measure the success of your business or marketing efforts.

But ROI is very important to find the awareness of your business among the audience online. Make sure to measure ROI with the help of KPI and take your business to the next level.

Im solutions Bangalore

Im solutions Bangalore, where they take advertising to the next level.

With the right advertising, you don’t just get results but you multiply your profits. IM Solutions delivers just that. they are a team of experts creating unconventional ads that truly makes an impression. their ads are short, simple and straight to the point targeting ideal customers for a faster outcome.
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From digital space to every nook and corner of the offline market, they cover it all. IM Solutions connects people and businesses across the digital and physical world, powering people-based marketing. Presentation matters! they help brands present themselves better and reach their customers with our advertising expertise. In simple, they amplifying your business and enhance your branding.

for details: 

Techasoft- Leaders in IT solutions in India.

Techasoft- SEO services in bangalore

Techasoft Pvt. Ltd is a fast-growing IT Company that provides holistic IT solutions to businesses across geographies. They offer IT expertise in application development (IOS & Android), server side development & digital marketing. Techasoft have forayed into healthcare & travel and tourism industries so far. They have plans to enter into the IT-enabled education services & food service industry. Currently, they have a team of highly skilled IT professionals that work round the clock to ensure Techasoft stays true to its offerings & commitments.
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What makes Techasoft different from others is that, they believe in working in partnerships with their clients to understand their unique needs and working methods. their exceptionally solid technical expertise allows us to take on projects often perceived as too complex or difficult by other developers.
more details reach us:

Inventateq- enter as trainee, exit as professionals.

Inventateq provides JOB oriented and certification training courses.

You can master real skills today from industry experts.

Inventateq provides many courses, a few among them are Digital marketing(SEO, PPC), online marketing(SEO/PPC)services. there are certain other popular courses like artificial intelligence, machine learning, software testing, full-stack java developer, Microsoft .NET technology, full-stack UI developer,angularJS and many more.

Inventateq provides great career and placement support. their placement team will be sending you job opportunities and arranging interviews until you get placement in IT companies.these certificate courses enables students to boost their career prospects.they will be sending your Updated Resume to IT Recruiters & Get your Interview Scheduled in Bangalore and Chennai.Our courses integrate Practical, Hands-on Training & Exposure with Industry Use Case Studies and Real Projects using datasets from companies like Uber, Amazon, Sandisk, Nike, Swiggy, Yelp, and Walmart, etc.Integrating real-world projects to make your resume world-class as per Current Job Requirements.

 we are located at ,

for more details reach any branch of us.

Online Reputation Management Services Kochi

Online Reputation Management Services Kochi

Online Reputation Management service is an integral part of Digital Promotion. Online reputation management is managing how your customers view you and your business in the digital space. Most people form an impression of a company or products by the Google search results. They also use social media to check out what other customers are saying. With the help of ORM services India, the positive responses get promoted and negative or irrelevant ones can get suppressed, which improves one’s image in general.

Software tools we use:

Review trackers
Google Alerts.

Corporate Reputation

Building a strong corporate brand requires an even stronger reputation. Protect, enhance and strengthen your brand with a customized corporate reputation solution.

Celebrity Reputation

We place relevant content on lifestyle blogs and news websites. Protect your privacy, boost positive content, refute rumors or increase visibility, we will work with your communication goals

Personal Reputation

Don’t let other people define you, create a strong, durable online reputation that resists attacks, negatives, and misleading information

Remove bad reviews

We will help you to remove the impact which negatively effect on your business reputation. Our highly professional teams will much concern about the growing facts

Digital marketing is a great boon to business

Like everything in the world gets transformed from one stage to another, marketing also has transformed from various stages to reach the digital marketing stage. Having reached the stage for the good they act as a great boon for businesses all around the world. They open up new ways to carry forward the business and bring in a lot of leads to business when performed in the right way.

Opt for a professional Digital Marketing Company:

The most important thing about digital marketing is that you should be under the guidance of a professional company in the business. With an increase in the demand for digital marketing, many mediocre companies have made it in to the market. So when opting for the assistance of a digital marketing company go for a professional company who have been in the business for some time. Gilead digital is one such professional digital marketing company in Kochi, with hell a lot of expertise in the digital marketing business.

They are a 24/7 advertising platform for your business:

Irrespective of the time, be it a mid day or mid night when people search for the service or product that your business offers, your site will show up and they can have a clear idea about the quality of your work and the achievements that you have accomplished in your business. Make sure to list your achievements in your website. You can also get your existing clients to speak about your business on your website.

Have patience:

Every good thing takes time so is digital marking. Have patience do not push or expect results immediately. Your website will get to the top of the Google search engine with a constant rise. And once you reach the top of the Google search engine it takes time for your competitors to push you down.


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