Digital Marketing Job opening

 Hello folks, We are looking for a writer (at a fresher level or with a max 2 years experience) to join our SEO team and enrich our website with new blog posts and content that complies with search engine guidelines.

Content writer responsibilities include conducting thorough research on industry-related topics combined with search engine trends, competitive analysis, and data & insights. You should be able to generate ideas for new content types, proofread your content to publish an error-free copy. The content needs to be appealing to our audience and should attract new customers. Prior experience to write for the travel domain will be a bonus.

Do reach out through DM or if you have a reference. Thanks

Website Design And Development Company In Velachery

Website Design And Development Company in Velachery

The website is one of the most crucial parts of a marketing strategy. In simple words, it’s just your brand online so whatever you are showing must be true and honest about your business. Therefore, you should be clear by the motive of your websites, means, what do you want your visitors to see and expect. We are not just another web design service for small businesses but we want to make your leads to convert and let them focus on small details.

We are living in digital era and to reach your potential customers, a good website is required for strong online presence. Remember, your website is the gateway towards success so don’t compromise with it. It’s more like a digital business card, not for only lead generation but brand reputation as well.

Our aim is to make your online business experience much smoother and efficient. The strategic marketing approach our development team has makes your business stand out from the competition and lead generation. Expect Web designing, Logo designing, SEO services, Digital marketing and Internet marketing solutions from our company. The expert team have the capability to think out of the box and gives you success.

Our development and designing team can make or break your customers view about your business. It just took about 10 seconds for a visitor to think if they want to continue or not with your business. To make a perfect layout we need to know every bit about your business. Expect to generate the most conversions with attractive designs and user- friendly responsive theme.

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Website Design And Development Company in Velachery, Website Company in Velachery

infozub Digital Marketing Company

Infozub Digital Marketing Company 

Infozub is a Digital Marketing Company specializing in Google ads and web development 

Employes - 12 employees operating from Madurai

Infozub271 A3, Kosavampalayam Rd, Chinnaiyah Garden, Palladam, Tamil Nadu 641664

Review of Infozub:

The review seems to be pity good and not seems to be fake, There are many companies who get a fake reviews, But we had changed to go one by one and found that the review is good enough to trust them.

In google, around 127 users have reviewed Infozub as shown above

Founder Of Infozub: Logesh Kumar

Their clients:


No way they could get this client since they are a startup and i was joking the real clients are as shown below 

Our Rating for them would be 6/10 as a Digital Marketing Company

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Dezvolta - Chennai

Specialized Search Engine Marketing & Consulting Services

Dezvolta SEO services were conceived with one goal in mind:

Founder of the Company : Ananda Kannan 
Business Developer : Charumathi Thirumugam

59, 100 Feet Rd, 1st Ave, Ashok Nagar, Ashoknagar, Tamil Nadu, 600083, India
Phone: +91 96770 52717

Employees: 5
Revenue: 1 Lakhs / Month 

They help our clients achieve real results, develop their fullest potential online, and obtain the best value for their investment.

Our systemic approach to search engine marketing and consulting allows us to present a unique proposal to you by integrating a hands-on attitude to doing business with the latest internet marketing strategies, information technology, and globalization trends.

We serve clients from all over the Universe in need of solutions for their local, regional and international markets. Services are provided in English and Dezvolta and in some cases Russian. If you are interested in learning more about our company, we encourage you to visit the search engine marketing firm section and read 8 good reasons to prefer Dezvolta SEO.

Dezvolta SEO services are divided into four main solutions:

Each solution follows a cycle that begins with:

Analyzing your needs, goals and expectations
Developing a plan around your goals with your active participation
Implementing a plan that effectively serves your target market
Monitoring the effectiveness of our strategies in achieving results

1. Search Engine Marketing

Dezvolta SEO search engine optimization (SEO) services can help rank your site in global and local results of the most relevant search engines as a long term strategy. You will see an increase in targeted traffic and sales leads from natural search results, that when combined with conversion optimization, will increase conversion rates and turn those leads into acquired customers. SEO is a long term marketing investment that provides the best ROI.


Dezvolta excel in the following specialized areas:

Multilingual SEO
Latino & Hispanic SEO
While working on your long-term SEO strategy, we can also provide a short-term or complementary strategy through pay-per-click (PPC) services to manage your paid advertisement campaigns and drive targeted traffic almost immediately.

And even though social media marketing is not a division of search engine marketing, we have strategically included it in this solution because it closely interacts with SEO and PPC for generating traffic, developing your brand online or building links to your site.

Over the years of consulting experience, we found out that not all projects require a tailored solution. There are strategic areas of SEO that require a high level of specialization. Among them are advanced SEO techniques, careful planning and site architecture, and effective use of web technologies.

Dezvolta SEO offers the following a la carte SEO services:

Multilingual keyword research
Website audit
Actionable SEO planning
Effective link building
We also offer consultation by the hour over the phone, live chat or through our forums on a one-on-one basis. This SEO service is geared towards do-it-yourself people, bloggers, SEOs and anyone looking for specific answers.

3. Website Globalization - Dezvolta

The Internet provides unlimited opportunities to reach global markets. Dezvolta SEO can develop a website globalization strategy just for you to take your site to international markets. This normally begins with the selection or development of the right platform for your site, its preparation for internationalization, to the localization of the content for specific regions.

We offer the following services:

Localization, Internationalization and Globalization Strategies
Dezvolta Translation and Copywriting
Russian Translation and Copywriting
4. Online Market Research
For successful SEO, PPC, SMM and website globalization strategies; online market research is often required to narrow down business opportunities, analyze your competition or better understand your potential customer.

We make use of different market research methods and techniques to collect, tabulate and analyze data to ensure maximum levels of accuracy in our research.

At Dezvolta SEO we conduct:

Persona development
Competition market research
Online market analysis
Due to the growing demand for highly specialized search engine marketing services, Dezvolta SEO solutions are not for everyone.

Find out if your business is ready for customized services by requesting a free quote.

ITTISA Digital Media

 This Blog is about ITTISA Digital Media Services

Ittisa is one of the digital marketing Companies/agencies in Bangalore. Ittisa was founded in 2014 with only thought of giving service to MNC. The name ittisa is a Sanskrit word that means 'ruler' As it says they are one of the rulers in India with their prominent role in the digital sectors in and outside India. They are also a certified Google partner.

Ittisa Digital media was started on 12 June 2014 and They have different types of services in Digital marketing services, programmatic ads, brand partnership, is a company who is specialized in the digital marketing sector and has a keen vision about the strategies implemented. They have a particular way of style which helps their innovation into the perfect way.

Ittisa Digital Media

As we know Good reviews make you to the top. Good reviews play an important role when it comes to a Brand/Company. Because it helps you to get more clients. in order to get a good review, you need a smart group of the team to get result-oriented work and in that way, clients get satisfied. Here we can see Ittisa maintains a good review which is about 4.3 out of  5 which is highly recommended.

ittisa digital media Company Profile and its directors

Please find below the Video of ittisa digital media agency below 

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Webenza Digital Marketing Company

 This Blog is about Webenza - The Best digital marketing agency and web development agency in Bangalore

Webenza is basically a Digital marketing company in Banglore. webenza was started on 7th may 2012
and director of webenza India are Anup Venkat Rao,Kavita Puneet pahuja and Puneet Ved Prakash pahuja as shown below.

 Services of webenza:

*Brand strategy
*B2B Marketing
*search marketing
*Perfomance marketing
*UI/UX Design
app development 

Webenza Company Review in Bangalore 

webenza banglore

Webenza is a great company with a well-known client base from all over the wrold. They have a quality and experienced team in their industry. They are obviously a digital media agency and won various awards in SMO and PPC sectors. In Google Local Business listing, webenza was found with a rating of 4.3 which was a quality rating and they have a total of 98 reviews.

Let's take an overview of webenza on Youtube!

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  For additional details:

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Social Beat

 This Blog is about Social Beat - Best Seo company in Banglore

Social Beat is one of the leading digital marketing solutions located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Delhi. They are an energetic group of team with 170+ digital experts who are focussed on individual strategies and innovations to put their work on 50+ clients for the company and the keyhighlist is they have already work with major brands such as swiggy,unacademy,pubg mobile is just far ahead of the competition. Actually, it is the biggest deal with such major companies in their list and they provide services in different areas such as marketing strategy consultant, Digital media planning & Buying, influencer marketing, etc...

Social Beat was started in 2013. The company has two  designated partners SUNEIL CHAWLA and VIKAS JAGDISH CHAWLA



Watch this video about the Social beat- ROI driven digital agency in India

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Digital Marketing Job opening

 Hello folks, We are looking for a writer (at a fresher level or with a max 2 years experience) to join our SEO team and enrich our website ...